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If you're an unsigned artist or band looking to promote, develop & release your music
to a wider global audience then contact us below for further details.
Alternatively you can send us a physical demo by post. Thank you.


Company Introduction

DJD UK GLOBAL MUSIC are an online record label created from the original company director David John Duckworth of Lakeland Records Ltd. UK (2007 - 2010) the local indie label built from scratch from a self made song writer performer and musician, soon developed from local to global with over 200 UK & International unsigned artists and bands on the books.

With multiple releases L R L developed a proud back catalogue of 34 physical and digital releases. to include promotion with radio airplay, live events, media coverage and various other activities. In the space of three years L R L worked with many artist's from the UK & Ireland including the USA, Australia, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Iceland, Italy and many others. Sadly the company closed its doors in 2010 on a high but left a legacy to later build on.

Returning to the scene after a seven year hiatus DJD UK Global Music are focusing on the traditional ideals of an independent record label, but working more closely within the ever popular and fast growing online digital market, the label promotes its artists both here in the UK and Globally to a wider audience.


Comprehensive music services for independent unsigned artists

Online Digital Distribution

To apply for our exclusive Digital Distribution service, just send us your information, a brief biog and music link or mp3 file, via our email address on the contacts page. Rest assured we will always respond providing an honest opinion.

Vinyl Distribution & Release

Our vinyl release and distribution service is suitable for new artist material or re-issue. We offer mastering and art services for a full set up of your product, we then send it out for release. We facilitate Singles, EP's and Albums, customised to suit your needs.

Artist & Product Promotion

Following your music submissions if you're accepted onto the label, the next stage of the process is our promotion and support work. This will help to develop you as an artist or band along with the products that are released with the company.

CD Digi-Pack Creation

Send us your finished audio and artwork and we will do the rest. We can also create the artwork and master the audio files for you. Creating the perfect product for physical sale and distribution. All art and audio is sent for final approval by from the artist ahead of final production.

Music Video Publishing

Our exclusive Digital publishing Video service, is an excellent way to expand your artist/band image. Following a content and quality review, we will set up your production with the main online video network channels, to expand your web presence further. Looking for ideas and inspiration, we are here to help ease the visual process.

Artist and Repertoire Service

Our A&R service gives you an opportunity to send us your physical demos for consideration, as we appreciate some artists still prefer this method over uploading material. Our postal address is available within the contact section. Rest assured, we reply to all submissions. Please note, unfortunately demos cannot be returned.without an S A E.

Audio Mastering Service

Our comprehensive Mastering service will take the audio mix of your choice and prepare it for digital distribution. There are several considerations in this process: unifying the sound of a recording and maintaining consistency across the project, and preparing the final mix for distribution. Our rates are very competitive, priced per track or album.

Song Licensing - Cover Songs.

If you are looking to record and release a track that someone else created, you need to get permission from the holder of the copyright. Contact us to discuss your project and the tracks you wish to license. Getting permission for each song and can be quite time consuming, if you haven't experienced this before. We can take care of the process for you as soon as possible.

Recording Studio Services

We can make arrangements for booking a recording studio and find you the best rates available. If it's mixing, audio production of instrumental or vocal musical performances, spoken words, and other sounds. We'll find the most suitable facility for your individual needs. Our freelance audio engineers are here to help you to achieve the best possible results.

Cover Artwork Service

Our Cover artwork service will provide ideas for your commercial digital music release, depending on your individual needs. Ideal for a single, EP or album production. The artwork has a vital primary function. To promote the product it's displayed on, and to make it a more attractive and saleable product. Our rates are very competitively priced per product.

Online CD/Vinyl/DVD Distribution

Our online CD/Vinyl/DVD release and distribution service is suitable for new artist material or re-issue. We offer mastering and art services for a full set up of your product, before sending it out for release. We facilitate Singles, EP's and Albums, customised to suit your needs. If you already have the finished product, we'll help you to market and maximise it.

Artist Podcasting Service

Our very own Podcasting channel on Mixcloud for extra promotion globally! The service provides a gateway for our own artists and their music. DJD broadcast may also include interviews, gig dates and other interesting artefacts. These Podcasts are made readily available for all to share on other online pages and websites to enable cross-promotion.

Logo Branding Service

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol commonly used to aid and promote instant public recognition. Why have a logo for your band? “Your logo is a visual cornerstone of an artist/bands brand. Your artist/bands identity is visually expressed through its logo. Our logo branding service will provide ideas for you to choose from, based on the criteria you require.

Music Video Creation

Our music video creator will offer ideas for your commercial digital audio release, depending on your individual needs. We provide a quick affordable and easy solution. A visual tool to make you music brand more accessible on your website, social media and other movie platforms on the net. Please note all videos are created in house and not on location shoots.

Artist Product & Content Reviews

Our signed artists product and content reviews are available from our overseas in-house reviewer. Once complete they are published in our online blog. All reviews are individually and carefully assessed track by track, including the artwork by John Koudela III (USA)


Our Current Roster Signed to the Label

Colm Jackson is a Dublin born singer-songwriter in Co. Wicklow Ireland, his story started as a young musician landing two major record deals, five studio albums and tours of Japan in the 1980’s with pre J-Pop sensations Panache and Party Hula.

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The master and the apprentice, now the apprentice and the master have joined forces to create a guitar band where we stomp and twang called The McAvaneys... Influences range from Bowie (excuse my vocals), Queens of the Stone Age, and Band of Horses..

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DGX are a recording band with Gary as the songwriter, guitarist and lead singer, and Dawn who is on keyboards, percussion and backing vocals. Gary has been a singer / songwriter most of his life playing in various bands. He has played at The Marquee, Wardour Street in London and supported the likes of Marillion, Mud and Alex Harvey.

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THESE reviews say it all about Johnny Dysfunctional. ‘Iconic absurdist and anarchic performance poet spewing verse over jagged post punk soundscapes. Vicious mockery of both culture and counter culture.’ ‘A niche act. It’s cabaret bizarre not by just a singer songwriter but also by a performance poet…’ ‘Stands comparisons with old stagers John Cooper Clarke and John Otway. A crossover act to current Grime, Kate Tempest or the Tiger Lilies.’ ‘Go along and see and hear anarchy from the master …’

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The Army of Mice make music combining traditional song writing with electronic textures and found sounds. The band will be re-releasing the "Wildflower EP" & "Making Love In The Airlock" single in August 2017.

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Ash Jackson has established herself as one of Australia's finest musicians as a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and composer. Her autobiographical concept album "The Void" has now become available to a worldwide audience with a distribution deal through "DJD UK Global Music"

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Growing up in Melbourne Australia, the ‘Music Bug’ bit Attila hard at the age of 16 and really took a piece out of him. Beginning his musical apprenticeship at a time when the Australian original music scene was extremely fertile, gave Attila the necessary tools and experience to turn music and song writing into a successful lifelong journey.

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Calling Voice Project is the creation of Mirosław Wójcik born in 1977 he is an Independent musician, composer and performer from Rybnik, Silesia, Poland. Graduating from music school in the class of accordion and piano. CVP's genre is experimental electronic, improvised forms, from nu jazz, classical to hard electro, industrial, and psychedelic.

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Chris Miles wrote the music presented on ’Our Lady of Singularities’ and ’The Horological Suite' The music, created in the hours between midnight and dawn, reflects both the inspiring and unsettling aspects of the infinite regresses that filled his mind.

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Australian band 'The Silent Mantra' are due to release their much anticipated debut album "To The Edge Of Light" along with the hit single "Fly" in July 2017. Band Members: John Chadderton, Bass and backing vocals Danny Viney, Drums, and backing vocals Scott Barclay, Guitars Attila Hegedus, Lead vocals and keyboards.

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We are delighted to announce a welcomed arrival to the label. In the form of "Watson & Booth" Tony Watson & David Booth originate from Melbourne in Australia. They are set to release their album on Monday 19th June 2017. Available to download and stream...

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jtechno creates original electronic and experimental music using synthesizers and other interesting electro gadgets. jtechno is Based in Seattle USA.

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Audio Samples of Select Releases


Various Comments and Opinions

Daniel Curby (aka Curby) UK:Solo artist - Singer Songwriter - Musician

David has is very informative, honest and seeing as though I have no experience in this business that’s definitely a positive! I've just signed a years distribution deal and am still busy recording the first album, so hopefully we can do magical things together, and get my music out there for all to hear. (05.04.19)

Artist Page
Daniel Curby (aka Curby) UK

Dustin James Dobler - Canada.:Hip-Hop/Rap Artist.

Thank you so much for everything i'm so glad you gave me an opportunity that no one would give me. I'm so happy to be able to work with you and your team, I cant wait to begin, and start the fun times. I don't know much about the music world, But my dream of being a music artist are finally coming true, and I've worked so hard to get here, I'm so grateful, thank you so much DJD UK Global Music. (28.01.19)

Dustin James Dobler - Canada.

Jon Ian Clarke - UK:Singer/Songwriter/Musician

Excellent communication between business & customer ; quick to respond & undergo tasks to an excellent standard . Would highly recommend. (12.12.18)

Artist Page
Jon Ian Clarke - UK

Alexis Voice - Germany:Electronic Artist/Musician

Helpful and fair company, I can only recommend it to all the musicians !!! Alexis Voice from Analogue-X. (02.10.18)

Artist Page
Alexis Voice - Germany

Greg Murray - UK:Singer/Songwriter/Musician

Kind, sincere, passionate, transparent and extremely helpful are all traits of David John Duckworth. My replies from David have been detailed, extremely fast and very cooperative - answering all my questions and keeping me informed throughout all of our discussion and introductory period. David is the type of gentleman who goes much further; for in my case, I have been interested in a distribution label with all the qualities that his label possesses, but my interested extended to working with an agent which is something that he generally does not get involved with. However David made numerous calls and attempted to get someone organised for me. Unfortunately he was not able to secure anyone but it was not through a lack of trying. He explained that he even went out of his way to arrange a meeting with a producer on my behalf. Speaking to another artist on his label, he also had great things to say about David and his team at DJD UK GLOBAL MUSIC

Artist Page
Greg Murray - UK

Sandie Perrins. UK:Solo Alternative "Folk Singer" Musician.

Incredibly helpful and patient - would highly recommend: DJD UK Global Music totally exceeded my expectations. I am not too hot on technology and was a little confused as to how to upload my music, but David was extremely helpful and patient and gave me step by step instructions and I was extremely happy with the end result. It is unusual to find someone who is willing to go to so much trouble to help out. I would highly recommend DJD UK Global Music.

Artist sample track on Soundcloud
Sandie Perrins. UK

John Koudela III (aka jtechno) USA:Electronic Music/Artist

I found David of his DJD UK Global Music through the Electronic Experimental Music & Multimedia Arts group on Facebook. I had written a review of a sample he posted from the artist duo Mrs. Wilson's Mystical Experience from their album: Concerning Works of Hatred and Destruction. That lead me to take a serious look at the services, audio and video work of his company DJD UK Global Music. Consistent through each work I found the kind of qualities I look for that makes each work memorable: crafted mastering with natural spatiality that creates an an enticing and immersive atmosphere, rich sound quality that captures the depth of every nuance including vocal clarity without any loss, aesthetic videography that tells a story and syncs with the music drawing me deeper into the piece and the message through the lyrics, and artwork and images that weave their way into my own memories. I highly recommend DJD UK Global Music services to artists because DJD UK Global Music eases the path through the tough terrain of the music business where artists can be assured to gain the following and success they had hoped from their target audience without giving up any part of their vision.

Artist Page
John Koudela III (aka jtechno) USA

Colm Jackson Music. IE:Singer-Songwriter, Musician.

David is very personable and honest and is very willing to understand and fulfil the needs of the artist or band. I would highly recommend DJD UK Global Music.

Artist Website
Colm Jackson Music. IE

Darren Stubley aka Crimson Vaults. UK:Singer-Songwriter, Musician.

Brilliant! If you want to get you music put out to a wider audience this is the place to come 👍 (26.05.18)

Artist Page
Darren Stubley aka Crimson Vaults. UK

Krannaken. UK:Electronic Duo

In our time singed with DJD UK Global Music I personally have found them to be professional and reasonable in all aspects business. Regarding me and my band, they are always there to help with suggestions on how best to promote and present our music to a wider audience. With a passion and understanding taking time to communicate with the artist. The experience has been great so far here's to a long working relationship. (22.04.18)

Krannaken. UK

Mrs Wilson's Mystical Experience. Cheshire. UK:Electronic Duo

Great independent label: We are just about to release our debut album and approached DJD UK Global Music to partner with for this project. It was comforting that David doesn’t just work with anyone and there seems to be an element of quality control in all that he does, and that is reflected in the stable of artists signed to his label. David himself is a lovely chap, professional and always on hand to offer advise or prompt you with whatever you may need to do next to keep your release on track. I also find a degree of comfort in that David himself is a musician and is able to offer a holistic view from both business and artist angles. I would recommend David and his label without hesitation, and look forward to working together on future releases.

Artist Page
Mrs Wilson's Mystical Experience. Cheshire. UK

TJ Akin aka LYGHT - USA:EDM Singer/Songwriter/Music Producer

As a new client I can say that so far I am so thrilled with the professionalism and all around expertise DJD UK Global Music have shown me as a company. I'm an up and coming artist who is new to the industry, and this company is doing a great job with making me feel at ease. They provide a multitude of services to help the up and coming artist which include mixing and mastering, and artwork. I'm thrilled to be in business with this company and look forward to a long a fruitful relationship with them. T J Akin...

Artist Page
TJ Akin aka LYGHT - USA

Bertel Ólafsson - Ruddin. Iceland:Singer Songwriter Musician

My band, Ruddinn were signed to Davids first label, Lakeland Records Ltd in 2008 - 2010. Our album '2' was distributed by LRL and had good coverage through various e-tail & retail outlets in the UK. Within the hiatus between LRL's passing in 2010 and the birth of DJD UK Global Music in 2017. Ruddinn moved on to another record label, but I still have fond memories of my days with LRL. Bertel.

Artist Page
Bertel Ólafsson - Ruddin. Iceland

Gary & Dawn - DGX. UK:Band - Duo

"Nice to work with a company who have great communication and enthusiasm for the music. Really impressed with the mastering service - it's given our songs a more professional, consistent sound. The artwork service is also good with lots of ideas and collaboration. DJD waste no time, work hard and support their artists."

Artist Page
Gary & Dawn - DGX. UK

Army of Mice - UK:Band - Trio

"Army of Mice had the pleasure of working with David on his previous venture, Lakeland Records Ltd, and we’re very happy to have the opportunity to do so again with DJD UK Global Music. David provides a very professional service with good communication with the artist and a real interest in presenting and promoting the music to the highest standards. We hope to follow the re-release of our Wildflower EP with an album release in 2018 to take advantage of the greater exposure that working with DJD UK Global Music will provide.”

Artist Page
Army of Mice - UK

Resonanz Kreis - Italy:Electronic Composer Musician

It is a pleasure to collaborate with this label. Professionality, Transparency and Communication to the top.

Artist Page
Resonanz Kreis - Italy

Darren Cinque - Australia:Singer Songwriter Musician

Some years ago I had the pleasure to work with David John Duckworth releasing a few of my songs through his label Lakeland Records Ltd. I found the experience to be very rewarding and I am thrilled to be in contact with him again with the release of my latest track on his new label DJD UK Global Music. His high level of professionalism and competence as well as maintaining frequent contact gives reassurance and a pleasure to be collaborating on this new endeavour. I look forward to what the future holds.

Artist Page
Darren Cinque - Australia

Ash Jackson - Australia:Solo Artist - Musician

"David and DJD have really made getting distribution a much easier task for people like myself. With consummate professionalism and a real passion to give the public a variety of music genres, I couldn't recommend this company highly enough. Exciting times ahead for all involved. Thanks to DJD UK Global Music."

Artist Page
Ash Jackson - Australia

Watson & Booth - Australia:Band - Duo

Dave and I are very excited to have signed with DJD UK Global Music. We are looking forward to a successful partnership with DJD. Our new digital album 'Have a Little Faith' was released on Amazon just yesterday. 11 great tracks produced between 2012 - 2016. With much more in the wings !

Artist Page
Watson & Booth - Australia

Michael Grieg - Information Control. UK:Electronic Artist.

At Lakeland Records David previously released a track for me on one of his LRL compilation CD's. After receiving the product and on first listen, I thought, this was a cracking album, with a diverse mix of music from around the globe that really impressed me. I was proud to be part of this compilation project. I'm now looking forward to working again with David at DJD UK Global Music with some of my more recent electronic work pretty soon... Feeling Excited. Michael Grieg "Information Control."

Artist Page
Michael Grieg - Information Control. UK

Attila Hegedus. Australia:Solo Artist - Musician

My association with David John Duckworth began in 2007 with his record label ‘Lakeland Records Ltd’ releasing my first solo C.D. This was followed by a 'single' release as well as re releasing my old band ‘Augury’s’ first album. During my time with the label (2007-2010) he also included my solo work on a number of promotional compilation albums. Whilst working with David I found him completely professional, with ethics that I had not come across in my many years in the music industry. He was extremely diligent, hardworking and always delivered on all his promises, including up-to-date royalty statements and payments. After a hiatus of some seven years I am once again privileged to work with David, and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him and his company to anyone who wishes a career in the music business.

Artist Website
Attila Hegedus. Australia

Richard Bolland. UK:Radio Presenter at Roots & Fusion.

I remember being saddened when the Lakeland Records label ceased business as David’s ear for music helped provide Roots & Fusion with many a song to play. So I am pleased and excited that he is back with DJD UK Global Music, and I am looking forward to continuing to play music on the Show, as provided by David John Duckworth.

Artist Page
Richard Bolland. UK

Jamie Strange - New Zealand:Artist - Musician

"David is professional, reliable and a passionate advocate for musicians. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to further their music career."

Artist Page
Jamie Strange - New Zealand

Tony Ramsay - Flake Brown. UK:Solo Artist - Musician

"David was the very first person to recognise the uniqueness of the songs of my alter-ego, Flake Brown, when he promoted my song 'Bucketful of Fools' through Lakeland Records. I am very excited at the prospect of working with him in this new project.I know that DJD UK Global Music will be the ideal platform from which my music will be made available to a wider listening public"

Artist Page
Tony Ramsay - Flake Brown. UK

Graham Horne -The McAvaneys. Australia:Artist - Musician.

"I have been involved as an artist with Lakeland records for distribution with our previous band Augury (lead guitar) (albums Moment of Grace and Bending Twisting Turning), and solo efforts landing on the Lakeland Records Compilation album (Compilation Object 2). I found David really easy to work with (logistics with funds via paypal etc), and he is an utmost professional when it comes to music distribution. I am really looking forward to collaborating again with my new outfit from Melbourne "The McAvaneys" and releasing new material. It is a rarity in this business to work with someone like David and his integrity has shone through 100% of the time. I wish David and his crew at DJD UK Global Music all the very best with the new venture and getting great music from around the world out there"

Artist Page
Graham Horne -The McAvaneys. Australia

Glyn Nightingale - Lunar. UK:Electronic Artist - Musician

"David, fantastic news that you're back in the music business with DJD UK Global Music. I still remember The Live Experience Electro gig at the Platform in Morecambe like it was yesterday, and I'll always be grateful for what you did for me. Being asked to represent LRL meant the world to me and I would love to be part of your digital revolution"

Artist Page
Glyn Nightingale - Lunar. UK


People Behind the Business

David John Duckworth

Company Founder Owner

David oversees all services and aspects of the DJD UK Global Music brand.

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DJ Deb's

PA & Freelance Podcast DJ

Deborah plays a vital role supporting the infrastructure at DJD UK Global Music.

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Graeme Lynch

Freelance Studio Engineer

Graeme provides all aspects of Recording, Mixing and Mastering at Two Zero Nine.

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Simon Hart Richardson

Freelance Film & Video Producer

Simon provides all aspects of Film & Video Editing, Mastering & Production at Videolitics.

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John Koudela III - USA

Artist Product & Content Reviewer

John will be reviewing our latest artist product and content releases from his office in Seattle.

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David Sowerby

Freelance Photographer

Dave is a freelance photographer who lives in our local area of Morecambe. He is an avid supporter of DJD-UKG.

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Fill in Form or Send in Demo

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  • Monday - Friday 8am to 8pm Closed Weekends & Bank Holidays. *NOT ACCEPTING DEMOS AT THIS TIME* DJD UK GLOBAL MUSIC Heysham Lancashire United Kingdom *Demos are non returnable*


Artist, Product and Content Reviews by John Koudela III (USA)

6 min read

A very coherent and professionally recorded album. An Interesting, rich arrangement of individual songs. A natural and bright sound convincing in content and expression.

5 min read

Human relationships, medical and scientific Research, often wretched pursuits filled with positive discovery, frustration and confusion, some crazier than others.

8 min read

The recording is well mixed with no instrument or vocals overbearing, but rather clear and precise and each having a hand in the words sung out. Look for it…

6 min read

A Life lived through tinted glasses we craft inadvertently, to protect us from others, learning who we are and how we feel.

7 min read

An acute clarity of focus, as outlined by each of these songs on this album, about the hope for but lack of landing a dream relationship.

6 min read

Strangely Weird fits well: sitting at the edge of the final step of life – the transcendent state of being – after having climbed through the good and bad times of life.