Attila Hegedus. Australia - Solo Acoustic Alternative Rock.

Growing up in Melbourne Australia, the ‘Music Bug’ bit Attila hard at the age of 16 and really took a piece out of him. Beginning his musical apprenticeship at a time when the Australian original music scene was extremely fertile, gave Attila the necessary tools and experience to turn music and song writing into a successful lifelong journey. Over the years he played in a number of original bands and in 1990 released his first full length album entitled ‘Beyond’, as lead vocalist with Alternative Rock band ‘Shadow of Doubt’. This was followed by ‘Moment of Grace’ in 1994 and ‘Bending, Twisting, Turning’ in 1996 as lead vocalist with Melbourne band ‘Augury’. 

Attila went solo in 2000 and released his first solo effort ‘Chimera the Window’ in 2007 with UK label,’ Lakeland records Ltd’. This was followed by ‘The End Is the Beginning’ in 2010 and shortly after, ‘Chasing Shadows’ in 2013. 2015 saw him return to his roots writing and singing with newly formed Alternative rock band ‘The Silent Mantra’. Currently (2017) ‘The Silent Mantra’ are about to release their debut album ‘To the Edge of Light’ with ‘DJD UK Global Music’. 


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