Jon Ian Clarke. UK - Alt/Indie/Rock/Singer/Songwriter.

I was brought into this world ; with a natural & understanding ear for melodies , contemporary & popular music . Early memories of listening are ; watching a VHS of Elvis Costello music videos , listening to the top 40 chart countdown , on BBC radio 1 ; & hearing artists like Annie Lennox & The La's. The first guitar I was given , belonged to my father in the 1970's ; it was a replica of a Gibson SG , in a dark maroon colour ; with a jet black scratch board & machine head . 

The first thing I learnt how to play on guitar , was an open e - minor chord on a cheap Hohner acoustic , which never belonged to me originally ; until I eventually claimed it as my own. I’ve been making music since the age of twelve. The first song I ever wrote was on the Hohner acoustic guitar, with vocal melodies & a set of lyrics, it’s called ‘Listen to me’ It shares the same title as a Buddy Holly song; which I can honestly say didn’t even know existed. 

The first thing I published was a five track E.P titled ’90’s Four Track Demos’ I recorded it on an old analogue portastudio back in the 90’s. There’s some real early recordings out there as well, which I can’t F*****G stand! “


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