The Silent Mantra. Australia - Alternative Rock

The foundation stone for what has become ‘The Silent Mantra’ was laid back in January 2015, when U.K. Bass player John Chadderton and Australian singer/songwriter Attila Hegedus met face to face. Instantly there was musical chemistry. John had recently returned from Germany and was keen to get a new project started and Attila was working towards writing and releasing a new album. The two seasoned and experienced musicians decided to start work on a new album ‘project’ and writing began almost immediately. Ideas started pouring out and were very quickly crafted into songs, followed by recorded demos. The next step was to recruit various players for the album. This was no easy task….

John and Attila needed to find the right players that were obviously competent in their chosen field, but probably as important, creative thinkers. After trying various musicians over a period of time without much success, Attila decided to look up two old friends. Danny Viney had played drums in a number of bands in the past with Attila, but the two had not seen each other for quite some time. After a couple of sessions Danny was in. This was followed by Scott Barclay on guitar, bringing with him a tapestry of textures and sounds, along with a wealth of experience.

The album ‘To The Edge Of Light’ was recorded and the ‘Project’ became ‘the band......

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