Artist, Product and Content Reviews by John Koudela III (USA)

6 min read

A very coherent and professionally recorded album. An Interesting, rich arrangement of individual songs. A natural and bright sound convincing in content and expression.

5 min read

Human relationships, medical and scientific Research, often wretched pursuits filled with positive discovery, frustration and confusion, some crazier than others.

8 min read

The recording is well mixed with no instrument or vocals overbearing, but rather clear and precise and each having a hand in the words sung out. Look for it…

6 min read

A Life lived through tinted glasses we craft inadvertently, to protect us from others, learning who we are and how we feel.

7 min read

An acute clarity of focus, as outlined by each of these songs on this album, about the hope for but lack of landing a dream relationship.

6 min read

Strangely Weird fits well: sitting at the edge of the final step of life – the transcendent state of being – after having climbed through the good and bad times of life.