Comprehensive music services for independent unsigned artists

Online Digital Distribution

To apply for our exclusive Digital Distribution service, just send us your information, a brief biog and music link or mp3 file, via our email address on the contacts page. Rest assured we will always respond providing an honest opinion.

Vinyl Distribution & Release

Our vinyl release and distribution service is suitable for new artist material or re-issue. We offer mastering and art services for a full set up of your product, we then send it out for release. We facilitate Singles, EP's and Albums, customised to suit your needs.

Artist & Product Promotion

Following your music submissions if you're accepted onto the label, the next stage of the process is our promotion and support work. This will help to develop you as an artist or band along with the products that are released with the company.

CD Digi-Pack Creation

Send us your finished audio and artwork and we will do the rest. We can also create the artwork and master the audio files for you. Creating the perfect product for physical sale and distribution. All art and audio is sent for final approval by from the artist ahead of final production.

Music Video Publishing

Our exclusive Digital publishing Video service, is an excellent way to expand your artist/band image. Following a content and quality review, we will set up your production with the main online video network channels, to expand your web presence further. Looking for ideas and inspiration, we are here to help ease the visual process.

Artist and Repertoire Service

Our A&R service gives you an opportunity to send us your physical demos for consideration, as we appreciate some artists still prefer this method over uploading material. Our postal address is available within the contact section. Rest assured, we reply to all submissions. Please note, unfortunately demos cannot be returned.without an S A E.

Audio Mastering Service

Our comprehensive Mastering service will take the audio mix of your choice and prepare it for digital distribution. There are several considerations in this process: unifying the sound of a recording and maintaining consistency across the project, and preparing the final mix for distribution. Our rates are very competitive, priced per track or album.

Song Licensing - Cover Songs.

If you are looking to record and release a track that someone else created, you need to get permission from the holder of the copyright. Contact us to discuss your project and the tracks you wish to license. Getting permission for each song and can be quite time consuming, if you haven't experienced this before. We can take care of the process for you as soon as possible.

Recording Studio Services

We can make arrangements for booking a recording studio and find you the best rates available. If it's mixing, audio production of instrumental or vocal musical performances, spoken words, and other sounds. We'll find the most suitable facility for your individual needs. Our freelance audio engineers are here to help you to achieve the best possible results.

Cover Artwork Service

Our Cover artwork service will provide ideas for your commercial digital music release, depending on your individual needs. Ideal for a single, EP or album production. The artwork has a vital primary function. To promote the product it's displayed on, and to make it a more attractive and saleable product. Our rates are very competitively priced per product.

Online CD/Vinyl/DVD Distribution

Our online CD/Vinyl/DVD release and distribution service is suitable for new artist material or re-issue. We offer mastering and art services for a full set up of your product, before sending it out for release. We facilitate Singles, EP's and Albums, customised to suit your needs. If you already have the finished product, we'll help you to market and maximise it.

Artist Podcasting Service

Our very own Podcasting channel on Mixcloud for extra promotion globally! The service provides a gateway for our own artists and their music. DJD broadcast may also include interviews, gig dates and other interesting artefacts. These Podcasts are made readily available for all to share on other online pages and websites to enable cross-promotion.

Logo Branding Service

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol commonly used to aid and promote instant public recognition. Why have a logo for your band? “Your logo is a visual cornerstone of an artist/bands brand. Your artist/bands identity is visually expressed through its logo. Our logo branding service will provide ideas for you to choose from, based on the criteria you require.

Music Video Creation

Our music video creator will offer ideas for your commercial digital audio release, depending on your individual needs. We provide a quick affordable and easy solution. A visual tool to make you music brand more accessible on your website, social media and other movie platforms on the net. Please note all videos are created in house and not on location shoots.

Artist Product & Content Reviews

Our signed artists product and content reviews are available from our overseas in-house reviewer. Once complete they are published in our online blog. All reviews are individually and carefully assessed track by track, including the artwork by John Koudela III (USA)