John Koudela III - USA

John Koudela III - USA
Artist Product & Content Reviewer

John will be reviewing our latest artist product and content releases from his office in Seattle.

These will feature in our new online blog evolving early 2019. We are very proud to have him join us on the DJD team. John who is an avid musician himself aka jtechno, has already provided us with a host of positive enthusiastic reviews on Facebook and other social media. His unique writing style and dedication to the task makes him the ideal candidate for the job.


I live here in the Seattle region enjoying walks out along Puget Sound in Edmonds and other locations, fine dining and cheap eats, thrift store shopping, love my Chromebook, spending time at Starbucks coffee shops, listening to techno music, creating music and posting my songs on Soundcloud, and doing road trips. 

Love the outdoors, boats and yachts, day hikes....and hey, my name is on a chip installed on NASA's Insight Lander that will land on Mars in November 2018! And.....I'm having a blast with my new Stylophone Gen X-1 analog synthesizer and Teenage Engineering PO-28 Robot Pocket Operator!

I used to have a Mackie 14-chnl mixer, Korg Poly-61, Korg X-50 and Alesis Micron...ah but sold those and dumped the Micron as it died completely after 11 years. So will find something else later. Maybe the synth mfrs will make some gear for adult hands. Altho I am fan of the Meeblip, Rucci's Handmade Electronic Instruments, Modal Wavetable Synthesizers, JMT synths, and modulars from Hungry Robot too.